Honolulu Advertiser, Real Estate Article for Winner of Aloha 'Aina Award: December 2006...


When referring to Germaine "Geri" Greene, one of her clients proclaimed, "Outstanding, Five Star Service. 'Da Best!'".

A simple compliment - but right on point.

Greene's "client-first" philosophy is part of her self-described "five star service", which also includes a commitment to the real estate profession, fellow agents, community and family. 

Greene's passion for community service is best reflected in her contribution of one percent of her earnings to the Prudential Locations Foundation, a supporter of charitable causes on Oahu.

Family is the final point on Greene's "Five Star Service" star.  Her roles as a wife, mother of five and grandmother of one bring all of her accomplishments together.

Greene is truly an "all-star" on all five points of her proverbial star.


What Clients Are Saying… Comments from some of Geri’s recent clients:


It took me over two years to find the right place and Germaine never made a misstep on my behalf. I already knew that she was the perfect agent for me. When it came time to get to the actual escrow is where I realized I was grossly naive to how important having a good agent and escrow officer were. I have been able to start my life in a direction that I always wanted for years by finding the right place to buy as a primary home and I can say with full confidence that I would not take the risk of allowing anyone but Germaine Greene handle the responsibilities of my home purchase. Not only was she experienced with every procedure we came up against, she was able to keep intensely stressful situations under control by keeping me, the client, completely informed so that I could make sound decisions. She is an outstanding professional by my very high standards. I can not thank her enough for all she has done for me and for my family.


I was very impressed with the high levels of knowledge, experience and professionalism of Germaine. 

What stood out about her to me the most was her extreme confidence, and calm demeanor throughout the entire selling process. After being in escrow for about 30 days, we fell out at appraisal! I was upset and wanted to lower the price to get it sold. Germaine explained why we didn't need to do that just yet in the process, and if need be we would lower.

During some negotiations, I wanted to just allow the buyer to walk away and fall out of escrow. Germaine kept me positive, explaining to me why negotiating through it would be worth it in the end. She shared similar past experiences and how it could possible play out. She gave different options we could do, she always had a game plan with a back up plan. 

In the end her expertise in real estate, and complete dedication to getting the property sold allowed me to relax and be confident in her abilities. She created a wining team! ~BN


Germaine was the epitome of customer service: well-prepared with all the information needed to navigate through all the properties on the list.  We knew what we wanted and she made sure that the properties she identified met all the requirements.  With the many properties to inspect, she always kept her "cool" and was always sensitive to our personal needs, i.e., refreshments, coffee, pit stops, etc.  We recommend her to anyone! ~LH


Last fall, I was relocating back to Hawaii from Northern California.  However, my wife and I were diligently looking for our home on Oahu with my realtor Geri Greene since Spring.  My young family, a 2 year old and soon to be fourth grader was not the easiest to work with thru the demands of an all girl family. Geri patiently worked with us. ---- hours of many days beginning from Spring, thru Summer, then Fall.  All of our communication was thru phone calls and email as my wife and I concentrated on moving out of our Bay area home.  Geri helped us feel at ease.  Even thru the frustration of countless prospective properties that did not appeal to my family... Geri remained hopeful.  It always gave us hope.  To a young family, relocating back home to the islands and all the stress and worries a parent has, Geri carried us thru this transition in our lives.  She guided us thru the pitfalls, she assured us thru our uncertainty and more importantly of all, she never gave up, even when my wife and I were ready to.  My home in Kapolei is absolutely everything we wanted.  My family continues to say this house was a god send... I like to think Geri was. =) ~P&H


Geri went above and beyond what I have seen/heard agents do to get our house sold. She is a treasure! ~E&J



Geri Greene was very kind and concerned about our well-being. She was very committed in completing our sale. We will definitely use Geri in the future. I wouldn't be comfortable using anybody else. - B&V


Geri was a true pleasure to work with. Her professionalism and warm-hearted nature was my favorite about her! - PT


Geri was very patient and accommodating.. I could tell she really cared about me as a homebuyer. ~ML


We plan to continue using Geri Greene's expertise in handling our future Real Estate needs. In the past, and up to now she has shown that she can handle real estate transactions representing your company in a very professional manner. ~J&D



As first time home buyers, we are pleased with the service Geri provided us. She helped us through the process, made sure any problems or concerns were addressed immediately and follow-up was made. Any questions we had Geri was able to point us in the right direction. Thank you for all that you did for us! ~K&D


Geri Greene is an "outstanding" agent who provided excellent customer service. ~RW


Very friendly, kind, organize, and on top of her game. Goes above and beyond her job. Thank you Geri! ~JS


Outstanding agent! Very helpful and accommodating! Went out of her way to help us as clients. She gave us answers and did research to come up with factual answers to questions about pricing, etc. ~J&D



A Special Note and thank you goes out to Geri! This was my first home purchase. Not only was she available at any time, she spent them time to educate me on what I need to be mindful of. This made me confident in selecting my home and the decision I made. She is a true asset to your company! - LB


Geri Greene is the epitome of what a realtor should be. She is personable, knowledgeable, reliable, honest... I could go on and on. She is a great exemplar of Prudential Locations excellence and I will always use her in my future transactions. - PT


I would like to thank Geri again for her help and the quick closing on the property. - RN


Geri Greene was very knowledgeable and helpful. When we asked a question, she responded immediately. She is an excellent agent. - CC


Very friendly, kind, organize, and on top of her game. Goes above and beyond her job. Thank you Geri - J&R 


Client survey dated June 2011...

Germaine Greene is a superb agent.  She is an awesome communicator and always on top of her game.  We are very satisfied with her service. ~ NM


Client survey dated September 2010...

Geri is the best at what she does!!  She is a hard worker and a great person.  Prudential is lucky to have her on their team.  She is a fine representation of a person with a good heart.  I will continue to recommend her to all my friends and family.  I have found my lifetime realtor!  Geri is the epitomy of the "perfect" realtor!  ~ HW


Client survey dated December 2009...

Geri Greene was extremely patient and understanding and was always on time for our appointments!!  She is an outstanding agent and we will definitely want her to help us in any future real estate transactions!! ~ PC


Card postmarked May 2007...

I'll never be able to thank you enough for everything you've done for us!  Thank you for going out of your way for us, and for helping to make our dream of owning a home come true.  You deserve all of the success you have achieved in your career.  I am so thankful for you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  ~ VL


Client survey dated April 2006...

Geri Greene always showed the utmost professionalism, at the same time, she met our needs through her sincerity, honesty and humor.  We appreciate her greatly.  Geri made the painful process of purchasing a home very enjoyable.  She is a gem.  ~ DT


Client survey dated March 2006...

This was my first time in buying a house and it was a little scary to invest in such a big purchase but Germaine Greene made me feel at ease.  She was very patient and explained things I did not understand.  Overall she was great!  Thanks a million Germaine!!!  ~ GP